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Product Overview

Corrosion means the attack and destruction of metallic materials by chemical or electrochemical reactions with substances from the environment.

MACO uses steel, Zamac, aluminium and PVC in the production of hardware. The final surface finish ensures corrosion protection and defines the appearance of the hardware components in terms of colour and surface texture.

Cuffs, bolts, RUSTICO shop fitting parts and various small parts are made of high-quality cold-rolled band and sectional steels.
Zamac (zinc-base die-casting alloy)
Strikers, bands and various small parts are produced in a high-quality die-cast zinc alloy process.
Window and door handles are made from an anodizable aluminium alloy. 
Handles, caps, bushings and other small parts are made from various synthetic materials.

Product Overview

MACO Surface Technology

• Seven different surface methods
• Application on hardware during the course of in-house production

Application Method and Product Group

  • MACO silver-look 
    MULTI turn and T&T hardware,  PROTECT door locks, 
    RAIL-SYSTEMS slide hardware, ESPAGS espagnolettes 
    PRO-DOOR front-door hinge plates
    MULTI turn and T&T hardware,  PROTECT door locks, 
    RAIL-SYSTEMS lift & slide hardware, ESPAGS espagnolettes 
  • Powder coating
    RUSTICO shutter fittings in PREMIUM-PLUS, MULTI pivot post and scissor stay hinges, EMOTION window handles, PROTECT door locks and 
    PRO-DOOR door hinges
  • Anodizing
    EMOTION window handles, RAIL-SYSTEMS
    lift and slide hardware gear cuff
  • Wet varnishing
    Article from the EMOTION window handles range
  • Vacuum deposition
    Caps (gold and chrome)
  • Plastic sheath
    EMOTION window handle resist

Tested according to standard EN 13126
EN 13126 is the standard for architectural hardware and fittings for windows and doors. This standard defines the requirements for test methods for lasting functionability, strength, security and operation. It is divided into 19 parts,  which cover all types of windows and doors.

Tested according to standard EN 1670 
EN 1670 is the standard for corrosion resistance of locks and building hardware.

MACO is certified to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and O lift & slide hardwareAS 18001 (occupational health and safety). All processes and procedures are defined.
The entire production process is secured by an in-house production control system.

A continuous process control system is achieved on the basis of the obtained values. The individual processes are specified in detail by means of working instructions. This ensures constant surface quality and corrosion resistance. Monitoring is carried out by external certified test institutes.

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