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Product Overview

MACO openLife is a wireless access solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), tradespeople, offices, practices and chambers as well as the high-end private market. It offers flexible and convenient access management in real time.
The access authorisations are managed via a secure login on the online platform The associated MACO openLife app enables users to manage access while they are on the go as well as open doors via smartphone (Android and iOS), for example.

In comparison to a mechanical locking system, MACO openLife offers greater convenience, functionality and security. Users can grant or block access authorisations immediately, receive notifications of specific events or open doors via smartphone. The security risk associated with losing a mechanical key, cumbersome and complex key management and costly and tiresome replacement of mechanical profile cylinders are thus a thing of the past. A small annual subscription fee is required to use MACO openLife. 


  • IQ: The heart of the system
    As the control centre, IQ connects the MACO openLife components with the online platform, without any cables at all and no configuration. Simply secure the IQ to the wall horizontally or vertically with the mounting bracket, connect the power and activate it in your secure, personal openLife account. IQ establishes a connection to the Internet itself via the mobile network. It can be installed anywhere where there is mobile phone reception. It should be located no more than 10 metres from the cylinders and lever handle sets.  
  • Cylinder: Wireless and easy-to-install
    The battery-operated electronic cylinders are extremely compact and can be quickly installed by simply replacing the door cylinder. They are also ideal for properties where it is not possible or not desirable to attach door fittings (e.g. monument protection). They are suitable for inside and outside and are available with a range of surface finishes.
  • Wall readers: Control and integration
    The wall readers incorporate all the doors in the access solution that can be opened by motor, such as the Z-TA 3-latch automatic lock, barriers or lifts. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The wall reader is the only component which requires cabling, because of the door control.
    Control and manage the entire access system after securely logging in at without installing any software: users can create or update access rights, block MACO tags, call up messages about the battery level of the cylinders and lever handle sets, and much more. All with maximum convenience, a clear layout and in real time. 
  • Repeater: Increases the range
    The repeater increases the distance between the IQ and the cylinders and hardware installed on the doors. Each repeater adds another 10 metres. Up to three repeaters can be interconnected, which gives a maximum distance of 40 metres between the IQ and the door(s).
  • Lever handle set: Wireless and varied
    The battery-operated electronic lever handle sets can be installed on almost all doors with little effort, inside as well as out. In order to optimally fit in with the building design, a range of surface variants and different lever handle sets are available to choose from. What is more, the lever handle sets can detect and report doors that remain open or unauthorised opening.
  • MACO tags: Secure RFID key fobs
    MACO tags are electronic keys which open all they doors in the system for which you are authorised. If a MACO tag is lost, it can be blocked immediately at or via the app. The RFID technology used inside the tag utilises AES encryption for high security. As a “passive element”, the MACO tags do not need batteries, instead they obtain their power from the cylinders and hardware. 
  • MACO openLife app: Mobile access management
    The openLife app for iOS and Android gives users access to all the important and security-related functions of, even while they are on the go and in real time: for example, lost tags can be blocked right away and doors can be opened remotely, if an employee has forgotten their personal tag or an external service provider needs to be granted access late in the evening.


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