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Product Overview

With mTRONIC, the intelligent window sensor, you can leave the house safe in the knowledge that the sensor is always on guard, monitoring your windows, without the need for special activation. And that’s not all. It detects when a window is jemmied open with force. This means you can keep an eye on your windows at all times, including when you’re on the move, via smartphone.

Security made easy

  • Intelligent burglary detection: always active, with no need to arm
  • Monitors open, closed, and tilted windows, depending on its installation position
  • A practical offline solution for local building monitoring
  • Smart home ready via the gateway with status information on mobile devices
  • Additional convenience features such as heating control and ability to open blinds, and much more.
  • Durable and low radiation
  • Alarm signals can be selected as desired: Activate external/internal sirens – acoustics, light, close roller shutters
  • Compatible with smart home control systems
  • Extremely small: easy to install and can be retrofitted thanks to shallow installation depth
  • Not visible: concealed installation in the frame rebate, invisible from outside

mTRONIC on guard at all times, without activation

The intelligent mTRONIC Multisensor from MACO is always armed. It permanently monitors the security status of your windows – around the clock, without any activation. So, if you need to dash out, work in the cellar or sleep in the attic, mTRONIC will monitor not only closed windows, but also tilted windows. The Multisensor can detect, from the movement of the cam, whether it was moved intentionally or jemmied with force. The magnetic contact indicates the window’s open state and wirelessly sends this to the gateway/signal generator, providing security and all-round protection all day and night.
Choose intelligent burglary detection and let mTRONIC look after your home, leaving you free to enjoy life.

Intelligent burglary detection

The window sensor is installed in the window frame together with a magnet. When the window is opened by turning the handle, the moveable magnet always moves centrally over the wireless sensor, correct operation is detected and indicated: open, closed, or tilted.
If the window is jemmied open, the magnet moves perpendicularly away from the wireless sensor. This detects the different movement direction and signals an alarm.

Local building security

Together with a siren, the wireless sensor is the perfect solution for when you want to sleep soundly or work on the upper floor while leaving the downstairs windows tilted. Simply connect the wireless sensor to indoor sirens or light signals and your local building security system is ready to go. The indoor siren responds immediately and automatically to the mTRONIC intrusion signal. This solution provides security without the need for complicated technology and can be expanded to create a smart home solution at any time. Perfect for those who want to sleep soundly in the knowledge that their home is protected.

The versatile smart home solution

Do you want to know whether the windows in your home have been opened or operated with force, wherever you are? Then integrate mTRONIC into your smart home solution, so you can keep an eye on things, even when you’re on the move. mTRONIC provides not just security, it also offers convenience. For example, you can turn the heating down when windows are open, or close the blinds if there is unusual movement outside the window. Combine mTRONIC with a smart home solution and stay in control via smartphone. Compatible with a number of smart home devices.


The EnOcean® wireless technology transmits data with 700 times less radiation than your home WLAN network. Your data is also encrypted for security.
18 mm
battery lasts 3 - 5 years.
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