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Transit Thresholds

Maco Door & Window Hardware (UK) Ltd

The MACO Transit threshold, which offers top-notch solutions in every respect: high insulation performance, convenience, and attractive design.

Personal Threshold

Product Overview

The Transit Personal is specifically adapted to the geometry of your profile, the Transit Personal is the only threshold that offers complete perfection, as it is not created based on adaptation principles. It is instead based on the basis of your requirements and the structural conditions. The Transit Personal guarantees the advantages of a custom-made product without any risk or large investment. The MACO Transit Personal is a threshold that is specifically made for you and therefore always fits perfectly, for any type of front or casement door, with sash or frame-side seal.

Made to measure
The Personal threshold is available in two designs: for sash and butt joint tolerance seal. Thanks to the removable profile (A) and the variably positioned stop (B) frame widths from 68 to 113 mm and sash rebate depths from 24 to 56 mm can be covered. On request, the equalizing pieces for frames can also be adapted to any profile design.

No ingress of water or air
Thanks to the geometry of the threshold, air and watertightness are guaranteed, and this is also primarily due to the perfect interplay with the centre seal of the window system. A circumferential seal guarantees maximum impermeability, including in the corners

Personal threshold with connection bracket

The Transit Personal Threshold with connection bracket is a variant of the standard Transit Personal Threshold. It is not only adapted to the geometry of your profile but it also enable easy sealing on the outside. The integrated aluminium bracket serves as a connection surface both for the sealing membrane and for the liquid plastic. This then offering a guaranteed high quality installation of the window or door unit.

Structural attachment
The 50 mm high connection bracket (A) provides an adequate adhesive surface for liquid plastic and EPDM membrane, ensuring standards compliant weathersealing:

  • ÖNORM B 3691: Planning and design of roof waterproofing
  • SIA 271: 2007 Waterproofing of building constructions
  • DIN 18195 Waterproofing of buildings – Part 9: Penetrations, transitions, connections and endings

The adjustment shims for the frame (B) are manufactured from liquid plastic-compatible material (PA6), in addition the threshold has an attachment for the weatherboard flexo coupling (C).

Extendable/Removeable Threshold 

Maximum performance on the test rig 
The extensible Transit guarantees first-class weathersealing properties against air and driving rain. These properties are the result of the interaction of multiple elements – the sash side weatherseal, the end pieces, the rubber covers – develops with the aim of providing maximum performance with minimum processing. But apart from the technical properties, the design hasn't been overlooked: harmonious and appealing, it enhances every entrance and window door.

First class weathersealing 
The sash-side hose weatherseal, fitted with double-sided adhesive tape for easy installation, increases the surface contact with the threshold to a maximum. This ensures improved weathersealing against weather influences. In conjunction with the profile system, windowsets and doorsets can therefore be constructed that meet the most demanding of weathersealing requirements.

Small, but powerful
The end pieces weatherseal those connection points that are vulnerable in weathersealing terms – between two sashes, or between the sash and the floor. They are manufactured in two parts: a hard part that is screwed to the profile, and a soft part that is inserted into the weatherseal.

Goodbye moisture
The rubber covers make a significant contribution to insulation, as they prevent moisture from rising and attacking the wood on the floor. They are adapted to the floor profile, so that uncompromising compatibility with the threshold profile is guaranteed. As they cannot be seen from the interior, the existing design remains unchanged.


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