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Em-View self-cleaning glass rooflight

Range overview

The Em-View is an insulated flat roof, PVC rooflight frame with double glazed safety glazing, providing exceptional sound insulation and thermal value.

The patented Em-View comes in a wide range of sizes and fits the entire Em-Dome and Em-Curb range, making it highly versatile and suitable for most applications and perfect for the refurbishment market.

Em-View modular rooflights can be fixed, manually opened or electrically operated with a remote device. Em-View, electrically operated rooflights feature the motor within the frame itself, making units compatible with any upstand and offering maximum protection to the motor.

In addition, Em-View roof windows are impact resistant and can be classed as ‘non-fragile’.


Em-View modular rooflights

The Em-View rooflights are compatible with the Em-Dome and Em-Curb range and is available in a wide range of sizes and glazing options including Clear, Opal Diffused and HeatReflect. The Em-View can also be fitted to existing curbs, with options for passive ventilation, natural purge ventilation, smoke ventilation and roof access.


Em-View modular rooflights

Em-View modular rooflights

Flat rooflights are the most efficient means of making the most of natural daylight, providing up to three times more daylight than equally sized vertical windows. Combined with excellent thermal insulation, Em-View modular rooflights are an excellent means by which, both light and solar energy can be utilised to reduce the carbon footprint of any property.


Em-View Features

  • Available in 15 sizes with fixed, manual or electric opening
  • Compatible with Em-Dome and Em-Curb range
  • Provides excellent sound insulation from rain and hail
  • Highly energy efficient – 0.64 W/m2K with quad skin dome
  • Impact resistant
  • CE marked to EN 1873
  • Whitesales 10 year guarantee for rooflights and upstands
  • Manual or electric operated blinds available

Technical Data

Requirement Result Classification
Water tightness Passed EN1873: 2005
Air tightness Class 4 (N12207/EN1026)
Sound insulation 35 Rw dB DS/EN717-1/A1
Light transmission LT 78%  
Solar transmission g 0.58  
Weight 25 Kg/m2  
Thermal transmission (W/m2K)
(with rooflight glazing)
Single 0.95
Double 0.82
Triple 0.72
Quad 0.64
EN ISO 6946
Fire Rating AA BS746: Part3
Impact Resistance 1200J EN1873: 2005
Security Standard Class 2 EN5096 & EN1627


Class 4
Thermal Insulation (EN ISO 10077-2)
Single 0.95
Class 2
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