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Em-Tube Tubular Skylights are a highly effective means of transmitting daylight into internal rooms or areas lacking in natural light. Natural daylight is captured at roof level via the tubular skylight and directed downwards through rigid or flexible tubes and then diffused at ceiling level. These flat roof skylights can also be used on pitched roofs and can easily be installed into new or existing roofs, accommodating most flat roofing specifications. They can also assist compliance with Building Regulations.

Skylight Design

A passive rooflight ventilation system and a magnetic double glazed ceiling diffuser are included as standard. Em-Tube tubular skylights are available in flat, tile and slate roof options. Many skylight accessories are available to be used in conjunction with the Em-Tube roof skylights.

Em-Tube tubular skylights

How much light is transmitted?

Tests carried out in the UK prove that anything up to fourteen times the equivalent of a 100 watt bulb can be achieved with 3m of flexible Em-Tube run on the 550mm diameter unit.

The graph below shows light intensity at three times during one day, comparing Flexible and Rigid Em-Tube with a 100 watt bulb.

For maximum daylight output the Em-Tube tubular skylight should be located on a south facing roof slope and/or as high as possible, out of any shadow of tall trees and buildings. It should also be installed to give the most direct run from roof to ceiling level.

No specific level of light transmission can be guaranteed because specific applications and external light conditions are beyond our control.

Sizes and availability

Em-Tube tubular skylights are an innovative and effective means of transmitting natural daylight to otherwise poorly lit areas. A passive ventilation system is included as a standard option and is available in rigid and flexible tube systems.

Rigid tube system

Offers 98% reflection on inner surface. Up to 20 times more light (2200 lux) than a 100w bulb (105 lux). Suitable for longer tube lengths.

Flexible tube system

Provides up to 14 times more light (1500 lux) than a 100w bulb (105 lux). Suitable for shorter tube length and is easier to install.

Em-Tube sizes

350mm diameter: Suitable for very small rooms. Fits between most conventional rafters/joists, eliminating need for trimming work.

450mm diameter: Suitable for bathrooms, hallways, landings, or corridors.

550mm diameter: Suitable for living areas, kitchens, large landings, corridors, offices, retail areas or commercial areas.

625mm and 1250 mm extension pieces are available in rigid tube – these are suitable for extending the Flexible and Rigid Tube Systems.

Each Standard Em-Tube kit accommodates Rigid Tube System: up to 1.0m (0.7m for flat roof kits), Flexible Tube System: up to 3.0m.

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