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Dry Fix Ridge Tiling System


The Whitesales Dry-Fix Ridge System helps roofers complete ridge tile installation faster and more safely – whatever the weather. It was developed in response to the revised code of practice for slating and tiling pitched roofs - BS 5534:2014.

It’s a mechanical fix which is guaranteed to meet NHBC guidelines and the approval of buildings insurance requirements. A pure mortar fix is less reliable, can create safety issues for roofing contractors and home owners, and is more likely to need call-backs and repairs. Many insurers are now refusing to insure roofs with mortared ridge systems, and clients are making a dry-fix ridge a condition of contract.

Each kit contains easy-fix brackets to support the ridge batten, a 6-metre length of ventilation roll to lay over the ridge batten, and joint unions and clips to join the ridge tiles. No special tools or training are needed to complete a perfect ridge.


  • Achieve perfectly level ridges faster and more safely

  • Complete compliance with BS5534, NHBC warranty and insurers’ standards

  • A simple, mechanical fix which is far more reliable than mortar

  • Suitable for ventilated and unventilated roof spaces

  • 2 colour choices: RAL 7021 Anthracite and RAL 8019 Brown

  • Next-day delivery from stock throughout the UK

  • No mortar, extra tools or training needed.

Click here to see our overview brochure for more details. Order before 2pm for next-day delivery throughout the UK: call 01483 271 371 or email

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