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Em-Vents are CE marked and fully certified to BS EN 12101-2 compliant electrically operated smoke vent rooflights designed to reduce smoke and heat build up in buildings in the event of fire. They are fitted with an integrated automatic opening vent actuator. Em-Vent smoke vent skylights allow key fire escape routes such as stairwells and corridors to remain usable with minimal smoke build-up. Combined with Em-Dome skylights, they also help maximise natural light.

Available with either glazed or solid covers, Em-Vent smoke ventilators come in a wide range of shapes and sizes appropriate for various site requirements and to meet building regulations. These flat roof smoke ventilators open to 160° which exceeds the requirements of the new Smoke Vent Standard BS EN 12101-2.

Em-Vents can also be used to provide comfort ventilation and as electrically operated access hatches.

Em-Vent accessories include control panels, additional smoke detectors and manual control points.

Em-Vent smoke ventilators


Em-Vent solid cover AOV - polyester powder coated dark grey

Em-Vent solid cover AOV – polyester powder coated dark grey

Em-Vent smoke vent with opal diffused polycarbonate dome

Em-Vent smoke vent with opal diffused polycarbonate dome

Size Range

Em-Vent Smoke Ventilators are available in an unrivalled range of over 55 sizes in square, rectangular and circular shapes. Most of these are available from stock.


The glazing element can be chosen from the wide range of options in the Em-Dome Polycarbonate Rooflight range such as single, double or triple layers, clear, opal diffused, bronze or HeatReflect in dome or pyramid profile. The key benefit of this is that it allows natural light into the building. All polycarbonate glazing has an impact strength 250 times greater than glass and is AA fire rating to BS476 Part 3. Whitesales offer a 10 years warranty against discolouration and loss of impact strength. Alternatively Em-Vents can be supplied with an insulated solid cover.


Range of 24v electric actuators opening 300, 400 or 600mm.


Em-Vents are constructed using high quality Em-Curbs which are available in two permutations allowing a great deal of flexibility in specifying Em-Vents to a preformed roof opening. Alternatively Em-Vents can be installed onto other upstands such as metal or onto builders curbs where these are of suitable dimension.

BS EN 12101-2 stipulates that the Smoke Vent must be a minimum of 300mm above the finished roof level.


Em-Vents may be installed to open as a means of natural ventilation. Em-Vents may be supplied with their own Em-Vent Control Panel (see Control System tab) or integrated with the Building Management System (BMS). Smoke detectors, break glass, manual control points and other accessories are all available as part of the Em-Vent package.


Em-Vent Smoke Ventilators are supplied with patented high security screwbolts as standard.


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