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The Em-Louvre is a high-performance smoke vent which draws smoke and toxic fumes from buildings fast. Em-Louvre smoke vents increase occupier and building safety in apartment and commercial buildings – especially high-rise configurations, thanks to superior resistance to weather and wind load. We’ve designed them for easy, rapid installation into façade apertures and curtain walls. Most importantly, they open to 90 degrees in under 60 seconds in the event of fire – exhausting smoke and heat for clearer, safer escape routes. They can automatically and cost-effectively deliver fresh air and comfort cooling during warmer months. And when you choose the toughened double or triple glazing option, they boost quality of life by flooding stairwells, corridors and communal zones with natural light. Their sleek design suits all manner of architectural styles, antitrapping actuators protect against injury, and even when fully open there’s no fall hazard for occupants. Em-Louvres are fully certified, fully compliant, and designed specifically to save lives

Why choose Em-Louvre: 

• Available in a wide range of sizes or bespoke-built to order 

• Choice of double or triple glazed glass, or solid insulated aluminium blades 

• Easy to install 

• Opens to 90 degrees within 60 seconds 

• Consumes minimal energy during operation

• High resistance to weather and wind load

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Fire resistance Class (EN 13501-1)
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