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RETROFIT 24: The Reuse Agenda for Our Commercial, Cultural & Civic Buildings

Until 30 Aug 2024

To meet net-zero targets and increase climate resilience, we urgently need to decarbonise the UK’s real estate.

Retrofitting is the best way to address this challenge, as around 80% of the buildings that will be here in 2050 already exist.  

We need to prioritise retrofitting commercial buildings, as nearly 25% of the UK built environment’s carbon footprint comes from heating, powering and operating these buildings.  

But current retrofitting efforts aren’t on track to meet the UK’s ambitious net zero targets. Retrofit 24 demonstrates how to achieve improvements in energy efficiency across all sectors, through examples of recent commercial, cultural and civic retrofit projects.

In addition to environmental benefits, retrofitting increases and supports: 

  • buildings’ value 
  • usability of spaces 
  • quality of life for building occupiers 
  • placemaking (people-centred places) 
  • neighbourhood regeneration 

Retrofit 24 examines key considerations to help you achieve net zero commercial retrofitting, highlighting the benefits and the challenges of delivering commercial retrofit at scale.  

 The Retrofit 24 exhibition and talks programme cover:  

  • the role of product and design innovation in retrofitting at scale  
  • why collaboration between landlords, developers and occupiers is vital  
  • how data can help to identify solutions 
  • ways in which commercial buildings can be re-purposed to create homes or other new functions 
  • the role of public sector retrofitting in enhancing civic pride and cultural heritage  
  • the practicalities of retrofitting historic buildings 
  • the fundamental value of environmental, social and governance (ESG) approaches – not just the bottom line 

Retrofit 24: inspiring innovation, and paving the way towards a sustainable future for our built environment.

If you are interested in becoming involved with Retrofit 24, please get in touch with John Bonning or Laura Broderick



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