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The Infrastructure Podcast – Focus on Retrofit

28 Jun 2024

Sara Edmonds, Co-Director National Retrofit Hub, is an architect and self-styled climate-concerned citizen working relentlessly to connect the people who need to find each other and collaborate to deliver the built environment’s share of carbon reduction through retrofit of existing building stock.   

Sara describes the retrofit challenge as a systemic problem that needs a systemic solution.  In the absence of a national government lead strategy, it is up to community sized groups of specialists, working together with vision and purpose, to deliver project by project until momentum is achieved to work at pace and scale.  How to deliver retrofit, the technical know-how, is not the problem in roll out, it’s getting the right people together.  It’s happening all over the country.  There is much to be encouraged by and learn from. The Retrofit 24 Exhibition showing at the Building Centre until 30th August is all about sharing inspiring stories and practical advice.  Our events (which you can view online here) are all about connecting people.

Antony Oliver is a journalist, infrastructure expert and a Trustee of the Built Environment Trust.  We are grateful for the support Sara and Antony have given to the Building Centre’s Retrofit 24 Exhibition.


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