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Little Investigators

Autumn 2023 - Spring 2024

This two-part project, led by Architecture for Kids’ Antonio Capelao, will work with pupils and teachers to explore the area around your school and how the children understand and interact with their surroundings.  

It is a cross-curricular project with strong links to Geography and STEAM, including studying, drawing and creating maps and 3D paper models, working as a team and using analytical skills.  

The first session (2 hours) will include a short walk, to identify and investigate how different locations impact our moods, well-being, energy and sense of belonging. The pupils will be guided through a programme of activities to encourage them to explore and express their thoughts and feelings about the area.  

Back in the classroom the pupils will learn how to make 3D card models of spaces or buildings they felt made an impression on them during the walk and which helped them to form an understanding about their identity of place.   

In the second session (1 hour) we will study a larger area using video or google maps to encourage discussion about what the children observe and experience when they travel to school or go about their daily lives. For example, do they cross any busy roads, how far ahead of their adults are they allowed to walk/scoot or do they have a favourite spot that makes them feel happy.  

At the end of the session, the children will have created a local landmarks map, but instead of historic buildings, the map will feature places the children have chosen for how they make them feel.   

The Built Environment Trust is looking for London schools who are keen to study and improve the future of our urban environments. Sessions will be available during the autumn term 2023 or spring term 2024 and will take place in the school at no cost.  

Please contact Head of Learning, Sandra Hedblad, for further information and to express an interest, or 020 7692 6219. 


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