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The Axis AX95 swing door drive unit is designed for the automation of new or existing doors - from light internal doors to heavyweight external doors.
The Axis AX95 makes doors significantly easier to operate. Contactless opening and closing also fulfils the most demanding hygiene requirements, while helping to ensure trouble-free entry and exit.

Flexible, Functional Applicstions
Wherever people work, living and are cared for or congregate, there are doors that tend to hinder their comings and goings. The automation of these doors offers smooth access with hygienic, obstacle-free entry and exit.

Possible configurations
• Single leaf or double door
• Special solutions

Versatile Application
Axis swing door drive units are ideal for new installations or building upgrades. Lightweight doors, external doors and even fire doors can be automated with ease.Individual
Thanks to the wide range of options available, the user is sure to obtain a fully-customised, automatic door.
Smooth, Quiet Operation
The electro-mechanical drive unit ensures that the door operates quietly and smoothly.
Maximum Reliability
The use of top-quality components guarantees reliability to match, plus a long service life and minimal maintenance.
The wide range of available options delivers customer-specific automatic solutions.
One Drive Mechanism – Many Possible Applications
The Axis AX95 swing door drive unit is highly consistent when it comes to performance, long service life and quiet running. From light internal doors to heavyweight external doors designed to withstand high winds – the Axis AX95 is always the right choice! The smooth lines of the Axis AX95 make it compatible with any architectural design. It adds value to the various applications in which it is used, thereby enhancing the overall aesthetic approach. A reliable drive mechanism for virtually any application combined with the right accessories.
• Low energy and full automatic modes
• Single or Double Leaf installations
• Heavyweight external doors
• Interlock function

Adjustable Functions
• Low-Energy / full-power
• Safety monitoring with automatic stop/reverse mechanism
• Wind-load regulation
• Control of opening and closing speed, hold-open time and motor power
• Push & Go Function
• Automatic closing sequence control for double leaf 
• Reinforced closure (forced engagement of lock)
• Acoustic signal during movement of the door leaf
Optional / Extendable
• Connection of electric locks / locking mechanism
• Remote-control systems
• Casing in stainless steel or aluminium
• Fully-enclosed housing
• Integrated opening end-stop
• Inverted drive configuration
• Operating-status display:
- In the drive mechanism or on an external control unit 
- Acoustic: door opens/closes
- Dry contact for transmission of data to the building’s central control system

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