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Otrivin Air Lab by ecoLogicStudio

15 Jun–22 Dec 2022
Platform Gallery

ecoLogicStudio presents the Otrivin Air Lab; a living showroom and bio-design workshop conceived in association with Otrivin.  

ecoLogicStudio and the Otrivin Actions to Breathe Cleaner initiative are currently experimenting with innovative nature-based solutions to mitigate the impact of urban air pollution on breathing health. The Otrivin Air Lab engages visitors in the development of biodegradable polymers made with the by-product of the air purification process powered by living photosynthetic microalgae.

Through the application of the PhotoSynthetica technology, pioneered by ecoLogicStudio, this project tests the feasibility to build a circular production workflow, where CO2 and urban air pollution are re-metabolized into fresh biomass. This is then harvested and transformed into bioplastic, biofilament and finally into a new biodegradable packaging product, locking in the CO2 into a new virtuous material cycle.

Other technologies such as algorithmic design and 3D printing are integrated in the fabrication process to eliminate the production of waste and to optimise material performance, natural biodegradability and industrial scalability.

The Platform Gallery has become a working laboratory enclosed by a lightweight timber structure hosting the systems involved in the different phases of the air-purification and biomass transformation process. The main photosynthetic wall houses 12 photobioreactors. These are one-metre-tall bespoke lab grade glass vessels, each filled with 10 litres of living photosynthetic microalgae. Four strains have been selected for their versatility and beauty: Spirulina, Chlorella, Porphyridium and Cyanidium. The wall will adsorb 240g of CO2 and release 180g of Oxygen producing 84g of biomass daily.

For information on future biodesign workshops in the Otrivin Air Lab, read here.

A catalogue of materials samples with various properties derived directly from the daily harvest will be catalogued during the duration of the laboratory’s occupation at the Building Centre. From bioplastics and bio-rubbers to 3d printed algae filaments, various algae strains will be tested, resulting in a catalogue of beautiful colour gradients.

The NetiPot embodies a new sphere of opportunity for the evolution of products, shelf displays and packaging. The Otrivin Air Lab pioneering bio-digital fabrication process aims to eliminate the production of waste, to optimise material use and performance, to improve natural biodegradability and to achieve carbon neutral industrial scalability.

With each NetiPot produced 15g of carbon dioxide is removed from the air, a process that connects the impact of air quality on our respiratory health while making the point that by taking care of ourselves we can also take care of the environment we are part of.

ecoLogicStudio & Otrivin are partners in the belief that no action is too small when it comes to mitigating the impact of poor air quality on our breathing health, and that experimentation is a key part of the journey towards uncovering innovative ideas that can inspire thought and be a template for a sustainable manufacturing future.


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