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3 Jun–29 Jun 2019

As a part of the London Festival of Architecture 2019 the Hong Kong Institute of Architects is showcased various “meta/physical” boundaries in their recent architectural projects and cityscapes via a series of objects, building models, prints and short films.

These projects explored the various boundary conditions of Hong Kong as a city at different scales and intensity. As if you were visiting the city you could experience the richness of ‘boundaries’ in multi-dimensional senses ranging from the stimulation of neon street signs to midnight urban traffic, and from the enclosures by high density building facades to edges of country parks. It all happens within the bounds of a city.

Visitors were invited to experience these “meta/physical “ boundaries in ways closely related to Chinese philosophies: the two states of being, physical vs. meta-physical (實、虛 ) and the two states of act, establish vs. diffuse (立、破).

 Curatorial Team: Alvin Kung, Justin Law, Suanne Cheung, Jessica Lai and Zachary Wong.

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