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6 Nov 2023–29 Feb 2024

The built environment touches all aspects of our lives, encompassing the buildings we live in, the distribution systems that provide us with water and electricity, and the roads, bridges, and transportation systems we use to get from place to place.

To mark the 90th anniversary of the opening of the Building Centre in 1932, we launched our online 90for90 project which was centred around asking 90 people to select what, for them, represented the
best of the built environment from the past 90 years. Now we are looking back at some of the choices, and seeing what key factors will influence our built environment over the next few years, taking us to 2031.

The Built Enviroment Trust, an independent charity best known for The Building Centre, is proud to present this exhibition that shows you some of the remarkable aspects of the built environment over the past 90 years, and leads the way to a better built environment for the future.

Our exhibition just got MORE fun!

We’re inviting children and young people aged 7–18 to illustrate or write about your favourite example of the built environment in the UK.  Come to the Building Centre and view the exhibition and while you're at it, get creative with LEGO® Bricks.

To enter our participation event, the most important thing is to pick something you really love. Every entry must include a brief description of what you have chosen, and why you have chosen it. Many of the entries will be featured on our display board in the exhibition, so make sure that includes yours by entering soon!

Click here for full details and terms and conditions. 

Come see the exhibition at the Building Centre, which is free to visit, which takes you on a tour across the decades.

Opening times are 9am – 6pm Mon – Fri (closed Saturday and Sunday).

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