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90for90 ages 7 to 18 - Get involved

We would love you to take part in our nationwide search for young people’s favourite spaces, places, buildings, benches, parks, and pools.  This list could go on……The point is it is anything you see around you in your daily life that human beings have chosen to put there. 

We have already asked well-known people. You can see who we asked and what they chose here. You might pick up ideas to get you thinking.   

It would be great to know what you think is worth celebrating.  

We have an online gallery and an actual gallery where we plan to display all nominations.   

Those selected to be shown in the final exhibition will receive a £10 gift voucher.

How to take part 

  1. Choose what you want to nominate.
  2. Let us know why you have chosen it.  You can draw it, make a video, take a photo of it, make a model, or write about it.  Anything that helps us understand how you see it. Remember we want to put your nominations in a gallery.  
  3. Photograph what you create or make a file that can be uploaded – get help with this from your parent or guardian as there are limits on file size.     
  4. Ask an adult to fill this in. 

Instructions for parents/responsible adults 

Thanks for supporting your child’s participation in the call for nominations for 90for90 for ages 7-18 online and gallery exhibition event.    

For safeguarding reasons, we don’t communicate directly with 7-18 year olds directly so the child you are entering needs an adult to help.


A checklist of what they have been asked to do

Nominate anything they like from the built environment.  What that means is anything that’s been built, made or created by people.   

Please complete the details in the submission form below. 

If your child’s entry is selected for the gallery we will post the £10 voucher and a letter of thanks and congratulations.  We will need your postal address. 

Submission form



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