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Sunflex - Slide & Turn System


SUNFLEX SF35 - Suitable between house and glazed extension that is compliant with current Building regulations.

The SUNFLEX glass sliding turn and stack system can be frameless, offering clear unobstructed panoramic views, or with minimal vertical profile at the panel joints. Creating useable space, it provides protection from the elements and energy savings, as well as exceptional operating performance, with minimum impact on existing architecture.

It's timeless design makes it a perfect solution for all year round use of balconies, terraces or winter gardens, picnic areas and stadium suites or even as internal room dividers.

The first opening panel acts as a single 'pass' door, each individual panel then slides independently, supported by a fully adjustable top rail, back across to the same side to stack.

  • No visible sightlines providing unobstructed clear views
  • Available with standard low or flush track option
  • Weather protection from the element / Energy saving
  • Framed version available with weather sealing
  • Contemporary design that works well with existing architecture
  • Wide variety of design options
  • Slim construction ensures maximum opening space
  • Smooth silent running and very simple to operate
  • Low threshold track incorporates internal drainage to remove any condensation
  • Virtually maintenance free
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