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Skyfold - vertically rising moveable wall

Style - moveable partitioning wall specialists

Breathtaking, innovative, and totally effortless, Skyfold is the movable wall solution for professional environments that not only want exceptional functionality, but a showpiece installation that promises to make a real impact on visitors. Fully automatic and housed in a hidden ceiling cavity, Skyfold systems offer phenomenal operational performance and aesthetic appeal.

Groundbreaking Innovation - Skyfold® is the groundbreaking vertically rising, fully automatic, acoustic movable wall that’s taken the world by storm. This fully turnkey solution glides silently into place with the turn of a key, allowing you to reconfigure rooms in minutes. Housed discreetly in the ceiling cavity, it takes up absolutely no floor space, making it the ultimate space-saving solution.

Skyfold® has soared in popularity since its launch in the UK more than 10 years ago, as it offers designers, architects, contractors and end-user clients more choices than ever to better design and manage their space.

With flat and rigid panels, Skyfold® is stored in the ceiling cavity, which means no floor space is used at all. Equipped with up to 59dB Rw, state-of-the-art acoustics, and the choice of an innovative thin path of travel for busy rooms, Skyfold offers an incredible range of vertically rising moveable walls that move effortlessly and quietly into place at the turn of a key.

The product portfolio offers an extensive choice of finishes, including vinyl, glass, fabric, stainless steel, wood veneer, tapestry, murals, and more.

The advantages of Skyfold® at a glance:

  • turnkey operation – no manual handling
  • no floor space required for stacking – contained within ceiling void
  • speed of operation – minutes not hours
  • clean appearance – no floor or wall tracks
  • lightweight design – reducing structural requirements
  • long lifespan – 10 year warranty

Skyfold® Classic™ is a custom manufactured, completely automatic, rigid, flat and retractable acoustic wall partitioning system. There range includes four models offering acoustic ratings up to Rw 59dB to suit openings up to 11 metres high and no width limit. The Classic NR offers noise reduction with a coefficient (SAC) up to 0.65.

Skyfold® Zenith™ combines the accordion folding elements found in the Classic series at the top portion reducing to a flat thin panel as it descends. With three models up to Rw59dB, Zenith™ is suitable for openings up to 14.6 metres wide by 3.66 metres high and is ideal for areas that may have obstructions which could limit the use of a vertically folding wall, such as busy rooms or those filled with fixtures, fittings, furniture or other obstacles.

Skyfold Mirage® is an innovative, automatic acoustic glass wall partitioning system that is sure to revolutionize the way you design and work with your space. In addition to being fully automatic and operated by a simple turnkey operation, Skyfold Mirage® has numerous exceptional features that make it the best interior glass partition solutio

Product categories


height - 3660mm up 11000mm
various options
Commercial offices, hospitality, leisure, education, retail
length - 14600mm - unlimited
Ceiling cavity space required for storage
Acoustic performance
49-59RW (system)
Acoustic performance
55-60RW (panel)
Wide range of fabric/vinyl/wood veneers


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