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The world, and the way we work, is changing. We want to meet, work together, collaborate, share ideas and gravitate towards like-minded people. This not only works well for developing great business initiatives, it gives us a good sense of wellbeing too. However, we also recognise the need for some personal space for ourselves and our colleagues. This is a design challenge that Style can help with.

Collaborative Workspace Solutions
A big step away from being locked in a formal, claustrophobic room for hours, Style’s agile, floating panels offer a more open and flexible work culture. They remove the usual barriers of meeting and training rooms, segregated work desks and cubicles, instead offering companies a space where individuals can group together, team up quickly on projects, share ideas and change their environment to suit the task in hand.

Style’s range of unique, flexible and innovative design solutions can create that collaborative workspace to give a platform for team meetings, informal gatherings, vibrant exchanges of ideas or simply break up large spaces.

More than ever now our personal wellbeing, and that of our friends and colleagues, is of paramount importance. If you are looking to create adaptable, free-flowing and practical collaborative space, we can help.

Style Active Panels

Not all team meetings or training sessions need absolute privacy, and closed meeting rooms can exclude and isolate people unnecessarily from the surrounding office dynamics. Style’s agile working walls offer individual multi directional sliding panels that float into any point along its linear runs of track, giving a definition of collaborative space while retaining the open plan feel.

When not in use, all the panels can be quickly stored away, optimising available room space. All are available with optional track and frame systems, bespoke designed for lightweight applications and reinforced for heavy commercial use.

Available in an almost endless variety of finishes, you can choose from writeable glass, beautiful fabrics, white board for those brainstorming sessions, quirky pin boards and art hanging displays – all designed to enhance your office design and be used as a practical addition to meetings and gatherings.

Style Pivot panels

Taking all the best qualities of Style’s working wall panels, but introducing a unique ‘pivot’ feature, these panels allow the user to turn and spin each individual panel whilst in its located position. This dramatically increases the number of positions to easily divide, but maintain, useable space. Pivot panels can swivel round during breakout sessions to share ideas with adjoining groups in team meetings, exercises, or impromptu gatherings.

The totally flexibility, enhances the use of pivot panels for art or classroom displays, distribution of light and control of sound. As with working wall panels the finishes are limited only by your imagination.


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