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Oversized Linear Sliding Doors - Sliding Doors up to 6 metres Tall

Open Architecture & Technology for Entrances Ltd.

Linear sliding doors and screens with heights in excess of 6 Metres.  Due to the robustness of our mechanisms the only limitation to the height of the Linear sliding doors is the weight of the panels being moved.

All of Open Entrances' sliding door mechanisms are constructed with the use of AC or DC motors commensurate with the height, width and weight of the movable panels that they are designed for, be they glass, metal, timber or any other material and are intended to operate smoothly with minimal sound.

Once the design and material intent of each project has been advised , Open Entrances carries out a series of engineering calculations to determine the suitable drive mechanism relative to the weight being moved. It is also established whether the structural support within the vicinity of the sliding doors affords the ability to construct concealed mechanics either above soffit or below ground.

On projects that require especially tall or heavy doors that weigh in excess of one tonne, it becomes appropriate to drive the panels primarily from beneath finished floor, with a secondary slave mechanism located within the soffit.

The subsequent phases of design and engineering take into consideration the architect/designers’ wishes in relation to aesthetic detailing and co-ordination with other trade contractors, before proceeding to manufacture and installation.

All of Open Entrances' activation and safety equipment, radars, sensors and PIR’s (passive infra red sensors), are installed so that the items are incorporated within the doorway surround and suitably suppressed or concealed, thus ensuring no unsightly items are seen to detract from the architecture and material finishes on show.


up to 6 metres
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