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Frameless Glass Doors & Frameless Glass Façades

Open Architecture & Technology for Entrances Ltd.

The visually minimalist approach to glass facades utilises a single sheet of glass, although in practice this is often to the detriment of the building fabric in terms of U-value, solar control and acoustics. The glass is also a fixed solution, with weather and air tightness provided a silicone seal.
In addition, if any part of the façade is to be kinetic, single glass panels have further disadvantages. There is no alternative but to surface mount all of the required hardware, or in addition, to introduce a frame which detracts from the original idea of minimalism. 

Open Entrances solution is the realisation of a frameless glass system that has no visible perimeter metal frame and focuses on style and sophistication. A ceramic band of paint, available in any RAL colour, is applied around the edge to the inner face of each glass sheet. The sheets are then combined to form a hermetically sealed, double glazed unit. The particular method of constructing the panels and the materials used ensures that they are thermally broken and can be constructed to over 6m in height, whilst structurally withstanding a high level of wind-loading. Integrated gaskets and seals ensure weather and air tightness on panels that are required to move.

 The result is a continuously reflective surface with minimal interruption. Secret fixings, connections and components are concealed behind the ceramic band and therefore a totally unobtrusive view of glass is provided both internally and externally.

 Open Entrances is fully committed to reducing C02 emissions by using the highest performing systems and the latest glass technology available. The system therefore performs to the highest of standards; U-values of less than 1.4w/m² ºC are achievable and with the addition of solar coatings, there is compliance with the most rigorous of Part L Building Regulations and MINERGIE® standards.

 The frameless glass system can be successfully combined with any of Open Entrances' mechanical products and can be designed to fit within a wide range of existing façade conditions and systems. A high level of acoustic rating can be achieved so that the glass panels can be utilised as an internal partition system if desired.


> 6m
< 1.4 w/m2
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