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Buteline UK Limited

The WRAS approved Buteline plumbing system combines the speed of a modern day plastic plumbing system with the reliability, integrity and peace of mind of traditional copper. It’s comprised of Polybutene pipe and Buteline’s innovative ultra slim one piece fittings, which have no O-rings, inserts, or require the use of inserts. These components are pushed securely together and cold fusion welded using a small hand held clamping tool, applying 6 tonnes of pressure to create highly secure, leak free and permanent long lasting joints in seconds.

The Buteline system should show cost savings against copper or any other crimping/clamping system by greatly reducing installation time; the pipe & fittings are also cost competitive creating greater profitability for the installer, furthermore, Polybutene pipe is very flexible, bending around corners without kinking, possibly reducing the fittings required by upto 20%, creating further savings and aiding increased flow rates around the system. The system is backed by a 25 year guarantee.

The Buteline system, invented by a British engineer in 1980, has a proven track record of over 30 years in New Zealand, Australia and Asia where it has become a market leading household name, before its launch here in the UK in 2007.


  • Unit 9
  • Swanbridge Industrial Park
  • Black Croft Road
  • Witham
  • Essex
  • CM8 3YN
  • 01376 520 792
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