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Amorim Ltd

Amorim Ltd

Corticeira Amorim is the world’s largest cork processing group. It is unrivalled by any other player, in terms of its contribution to the business, market, economy, innovation and the sustainability of the entire cork industry.

Founded in 1870, the company currently has dozens of business units distributed across five continents. It exports numerous products to more than 100 countries and has a diversified network of 27,000 customers. With strong sustainability credentials and a negative carbon footprint, Corticeira Amorim provides a set of solutions, materials and applications to some of the world’s most technological, disruptive and demanding activities, such as the aerospace, automobile, construction, sports, energy, interior design, wines, sparkling and spirits industries. In fact, Corticeira Amorim leaves its mark by producing cork stoppers for the world’s finest wines, and cork products for prestigious international architectural works, satellites launched into the atmosphere, cutting-edge railway projects, Olympic sports articles and a panoply of unusual everyday artifacts.

The company’s seal of quality is backed by in-depth knowledge of academics, scientists and researchers, the practical experience of experts, explorers and specialists and the creativity of draughtsmen, designers and architects, who the company continually challenges to push forward the boundless possibilities of cork. The company is managed by the fourth generation of the Amorim family, and cultivates the same values of longevity, ambition, pride, attitude and passion that have always underpinned the past 150 years of its successful history.

The company annually invests millions of euros in R & D + I, generates 93% of its sales outside Portugal and employs more than 4,400 employees. Corticeira Amorim’s mission is to add value to cork in a competitive, differentiated and innovative manner, in perfect harmony with Nature


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