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Biedronka Poland – Supermaket and Residential Building

28 Jun 2021
Case study

The construction of a supermarket from Biedronka chain on the ground floor of a new residential and commercial building in Szczecin, Poland, required a high efficiency solution to ensure silence and comfort in all 118 apartments of the complex.

The preferred choice was the installation of Acousticork range underscreed all over the shopping area floor. Applied into the floor between the structural slab and screed during the construction process, this resilient impact sound insulation is one of the most effective forms to control impact noise, substantially improving the residents’ life quality.

Underscreed: less vibration, more silence

Multi-purpose buildings such as Kamienica Nova II, which houses both apartments and a supermarket, present a major challenge in terms of isolation, since it is necessary to control airborne as well as impact noise. 

This type of noise is generated by the vibrations transmitted through the structural elements of the construction and is likely to reach distant points, which may affect the whole building.

In this case, we needed to ensure that vibrations generated by the daily traffic of staff and customers, loading and unloading of goods using forklifts and high levels of load on the pavement caused by the store’s equipment and products would not affect the residents living on the six floors above the supermarket.

Material used

The Acousticork Underscreed insulation layer was installed on the slab during the construction phase of the building. Meanwhile, there was a perimeter strip made of elastic material intended to be used as perimeter strip installed, which is very important to avoid “sound bridges” and ensure proper performance of the floor system. Finally, the underscreed was covered with a protective film and the final floor layer was applied.

Although the application of underscreed is mainly aimed at improving the building’s soundproofing by reducing impact noise transmission, this system also contributes to reducing airborne noise.



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