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Safe, secure, innovative outdoor power solutions for parks and green spaces

12 Dec 2018

Green spaces and parks across the UK provide people with £34 billion of health and wellbeing benefits, according to research carried out by Fields in Trust. Charities, Local Councils and businesses are all investing into park areas, including a wide range of events and fairs, park runs, sporting meet-ups, agricultural shows, festivals and cultural occasions and music concerts.

Powering such outdoor events can be problematic. Traditional power sources, for example stand-alone petrol generators, pose various hazards to nearby pedestrians. These are in the form of electrocution and tripping hazards (with trailing wires).

Pop Up Power Supplies® manufacture and supply a range of pop up electric sockets which are ideal for powering kiosks and stalls in parks and green spaces. Our Pop Up Power Units and In Ground Power Units provide a sensitive source of electricity for outdoor events, have minimal impact on the nearby surrounds and importantly are incredibly safe for nearby pedestrians.

The main benefit of our Electrical Feeder Pillars is their discreet nature. The Pop Up Power Units can be easily raised and lowered by event organisers to provide electrical outlets. When an event finishes the power unit is simply lowered back into the ground where it appears seamless with the local environment, thanks to the lid infill which can accommodate any surface material e.g. grass or paving.

Our In Ground Units can provide a source of power for stalls with their lids locked down. Just the wire protrudes the power unit but is easily managed with cable protectors.

Power supply for outdoor areas

Providing a safe, secure power supply is vitally important for the longevity and success of such outdoor events in parks and green spaces. Organisers need to be re-assured that their power supply for outdoor areas is fit for the purpose intended (powering outdoor stalls) while providing high levels of safety for nearby pedestrians.

Pop Up Power Supplies® has specified and installed their range of Pop Up Power Units in parks throughout the UK. A selection of Pop Up Power Sockets were installed in Victoria Park. One of London’s most important historic parks, Victoria Park enjoys millions of visitors and is a place of healthy recreation, sport and relaxation.

Community fairs, festivals, sport and leisure activities and other historic events are a regular occurrence throughout the year at Victoria Park. Our Retractable Telescopic Feeder Pillars provide an effective outdoor power supply for temporary stalls and kiosks during such events.

The Pop Up Units provide a 125A power supply in both single and three phase plug sockets, all with RCBO protection. Another great benefit that was crucial in the initial product selection, is that the lids of the power units can accommodate almost any surface infill. When the units are lowered into the ground they appear seamless to the local environment. This is vital for the heritage status of Victoria Park as it retained its Green Flag and Green Heritage Awards back in 2015.

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