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Council Planners opt for Flip Lid Power Units to power their market days in Stamford

18 Apr 2017
Case study

Pop Up Power Supplies® supplied their range of Flip Lid Power Units to the town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, to provide a safe, secure and discreet outdoor power supply for market stalls.

An important consideration for Council Planners for Stamford was that they required a stable, effective power source for outdoor stalls on market days which then could be lowered back into the ground to preserve the beauty and integrity of the historic town.

Pop Up Power Supplies® were contacted, and recommended their range of In-Ground Power Units.  Manufactured in high-grade mild steel, and hot dip galvanised to BS EN:ISO1461, these outdoor power units were perfect for the market days at Stamford.  Prior to these units, outdoor stalls were embroiled in unsightly trailing cables that were a hazard to not just the workers but the general public as well, not to mention the risk of electrocution too.   The new Flip Lid Units can power the outdoor stalls safely as the lids are closed and locked down, preventing any public access.

Another benefit of the Flip Lid Power Units provided by Pop Up Power Supplies® is the fact they have such a limited impact on the surroundings.  The covers of the power units are recessed so they can accommodate various paving and other surface material infill.  They are also tested unfilled to FACTA Class B loadings.

The Council Planners were pleased with the performance of the In-Ground Units, as not only did they benefit from a safe source of outdoor electricity for the local market stalls, but also there was minimal impact on the integrity and beauty of the local area.

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