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OFFSET, a slate rainscreen cladding design mixing tradition with modernity

6 Jun 2019

According to the goal of proposing innovative and modern rainscreen cladding designs that are a source of inspiration for building with natural slate, CUPA PIZARRAS have launched OFFSET. This concept follows other stunning designs inspired in nature such as CUPACLAD Design HONEYCOMB or CUPACLAD Design WAVE.

The new natural slate rainscreen cladding design, CUPACLAD Design OFFSET, is inspired by traditional stone façades but the appearance is completely different. The slate pattern provides a truly modern, elegant design full of personality.

This new CUPACLAD Design concept combines different slate sizes (50x20cm, 50x25cm, 50x22cm and 50x18cm) to create an asymmetric and stylish pattern. The thickness of the slate units is 7,65mm and there are approximately 17 slate units per m2, which represents about 30kg per m2. As well as the previous designs imagined by CUPA PIZARRAS, this new concept is both inspiring and technically reliable.

This design uses the same installation method for fixing the slate units to the aluminium structure of the rainscreen cladding system that the CUPACLAD® 101 series. Each slate is fixed by two flathead screws that remain completely hidden under the upper slate units.

The rainscreen cladding systems created by CUPA PIZARRAS are a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable building. Natural slate fits perfectly into the contemporary architectural trends thanks to its durability, resistance and its natural beauty. Furthermore, its grey and black tones, as well as its inimitable texture, make slate suitable for all type of architectural projects.

CUPACLAD designers and engineers work hard to create designs that are both beautiful and technically reliable. Every design reflects their passion and dedication. Are you looking for original, innovative façade designs? Let the CUPACLAD Design concepts inspire you.

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