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Lunawood Urban Challenge

8 Feb 2021

The Lunawood Urban Challenge 2021 calls on all architecture and design students to re-imagine and redesign urban environments by using Lunawood Thermowood.

Urbanisation has seen staggering growth all over the world. It is estimated that Earth’s population will rise to 9 billion by 2050. In the same time, about a billion people will move to cities. Since the building sector’s carbon emissions account for roughly 27.5% of the total carbon emissions from economic activities globally, our growing population and urbanisation make it increasingly vital to consider the building materials’ impact on our environment and make better choices. 

Urbanisation has changed the environment in another way too: it has altered people’s relationship with nature. In response to this alienation, stress levels are rising – urban society provides less access to nature in day-to-day life, yet humans are fundamentally rooted in nature and have a deep desire to connect with it. 

Wood is not just one of our earliest building materials but is rightly understood as having an increasingly important role to play in how we build in the future. Architects and designers have an opportunity to reduce buildings’ carbon footprint significantly and enhance living experiences with healthy, better air quality by innovating with sustainable and renewable wood materials.  The ‘Lunawood Urban Challenge 2021 calls on all architecture and design students to re-imagine and redesign urban environments by using Lunawood Thermowood.’ 

The Lunawood Urban Challenge 2021 challenges architecture and design students to choose an existing non-renewable urban space. Using the possibilities of Lunawood Thermowood entrants can freely implement their wildest dreams and imagination to create a natural contemporary environment for urban people. The entrant can choose any existing public structure, building, space, or interior as a starting point for the visualisation.

Lunawood transforms the very best Nordic pine and spruce into beautiful and long-lasting Lunawood Thermowood. It is a beautiful, sustainable wood material produced by using natural methods, heat and steam. Thermal modification process improves the wood’s properties, thereby expanding the range of applications in which the wood can be used. It is the ideal material for an ecological and healthy way of designing, building and living.


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