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Industrial style and art deco flair meets contemporary door design

13 Mar 2018

The popularity of the “broken-plan” style of living – and by extension, of modern architecture and building design – has allowed modern interiors to include larger, flexible spaces that require lots of natural daylight as opposed to dimly lit, separate rooms. But what can be done about closing off this space when privacy is required?

One solution is the return of the traditional black art-deco style design in doors and windows that is appearing in more and more homes and offices. This classic look marks a return to simple yet subtle design for both residential and commercial interiors. The ability to let in light, but retain an element of privacy and separation, makes the steel-window-style perfect for modern spaces and their multitude of functions.

Bluebell’s Quadra Corridoio door brings clean lines and 1920s style right into the 21st century, making it the perfect interior door for dividing areas with flair, without compromising on natural light. Mirroring current design trends, the door’s sophisticated black framing and hardware keep it at the cutting edge of interior design. With no counter-frame, the door elegantly sits flush with the surrounding wall to create a smart and aesthetically-pleasing entryway between interior spaces. The door’s slim aluminium profile makes it light and easy to operate, and because the design and function of the door is clean and elegant, the Quadra Corridoio can be specified as a single or double door, depending on the requirements of the space.

With offices and homes the centre of refurbishments and renovations, the Quadra Corridoio is perfect for projects in which the designer wants to retain a space’s identity, yet also wants a contemporary product with a practical function and timeless aesthetic  - whether it’s urban warehouses, city loft conversions or modern, minimalist interiors.

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