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CUPACLAD design – cladding in any size or shape

8 Nov 2016

CUPA PIZARRAS has launched CUPACLAD Design, an innovative concept combining the timeless beauty of slate rainscreen cladding systems with new contemporary shapes and configurations, to truly inspire.

Developed with input from architects, CUPACLAD ventilated façade systems are able to adapt to any kind of project, by combining alternative fastening methods and slate formats. The systems were created to fill the need to adapt to the trend for more sustainable solutions. By using highly durable tectonic slate, CUPACLAD rises to the challenge and offers a competitive and sustainable option for cladding any type of façade.

CUPACLAD solutions are lightweight, easy to install and can be cut to any shape, to suit any architectural vision.

With CUPACLAD Design, this design freedom is further reinforced, with a collection of stunning finishes created by combining different profiles, sizes and configurations.  Each is inspired by current architectural trends and designed to maximise the natural beauty of slate.

Natalia Gómez, CUPACLAD Product Manager said:

CUPACLAD Design emerges as a challenge to avant-garde architects, and tries to surprise them with endless possibilities of façade designs in natural slate.

The collection seeks to take the natural properties of slate and further enhance its beauty, with contemporary design configurations designed to inspire.

CUPACLAD Design is committed to innovation and differentiating itself from other cladding options. It is a cutting edge, yet achievable, concept that draws on new shapes and combinations of slate for rainscreen cladding systems. Designed for application in a variety of projects – such as new housing developments, building renovations or commercial buildings – the options are limitless.

Every month, CUPA PIZARRAS will release an innovative concept that will open a world of possibilities for architects seeking a more dynamic and daring approach.

Three renders have been launched initially, to showcase the infinite possibilities of natural slate, an environmentally friendly material with a long service life and an inimitable personality. Each new design shows an original and modern concept, while addressing the growing demand for sustainable architecture.

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