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London School of Architecture Design Think Tanks: Close to Home

5 Jul–21 Jul 2023
Window Gallery

The Design Think Tank is the London School of Architecture’s most innovative module generating creative design propositions informed by rigorous research to address built environment issues in London. 

Think Tanks are conducted by collaborative teams of students in First Year, LSA tutors, and leading figures in architectural practice. Together, they explore subjects rooted in contemporary practice and the future of the city proposed by our Practice Network. 

Each Think Tank produces a comprehensive research focused report leading to innovative design propositions at a range of scales covering policy, strategy, neighbourhoods and buildings. The outputs of Design Think Tanks are disseminated to political leaders, administrators and business leaders in London and beyond. 2022-23 First Year students delivered the report with a set of competition-style design boards with edited pamphlets to address a range of audiences and stakeholders. 

  • Retrofit as Reparation 
    Led by Dis-Collective, Carly Dickson, and Arup Inclusive Spaces team 
  • Resilient Neighbourhoods 
    Led by Buckley Grey Yeoman and Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN) 
  • Never Never Land 
    Led by Studio PDP 
  • Neighbourhood Construction Hub 
    Led by Material Cultures and Built Environment Trust 
  • Mindful City 
    Led by Penoyre & Prasad and Ash Sakula 
  • Material Change 
    Led by Orms 
  • LSA as Civic Agency
    Led by DSDHA and Alicia Pivaro 
  • Homemaking Revolution 
    Led by Allies and Morrison 
  • Hackney Sitopia 
    Led by Studio Egret West and Architecture & Food