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Little Investigators - Big Visions:
The built environment through the eyes of children
A free exhibition

Opens on 1 Aug 2024
Window Gallery

A free exhibition

The project started with two simple questions; what do you like and what don’t you like about where you live? Working with 450 year 3–5 pupils (ages 7–10) the Built Environment Trust and Architecture for Kids CIC explored 10 different areas of London to find out what the children noticed and thought about the area where they lived. 

The project included a walk looking at and sketching local landmarks. The children marked each landmark with how it made them feel; good, bad, relaxed, dangerous, happy etc. 
In the classroom the children drew their own maps of the walk, adding personal touches, such as clouds, people, tree and cars. They then picked one landmark to turn into a 3D model.

This exhibition showcases the work of these pupils and some of the things we at the Built Environment Trust learned; 
what did 1 in 3 children say was the thing they liked most about where they live? 
Or 1 in 4 children mentioned ‘traffic’ as the thing they didn’t like, but what was it about the traffic that they didn’t like? 


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