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Open Day Event
Wed 5 Oct 2016


October 5th @ The Building Centre

26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT


Want to know everything about natural stone, from start to finish?


Welcome to our Open Day, where you can learn more about the extraction, manufacturing, processing, maintenance and implementation of our excellent natural stone, marble, and derivatives such as terrazzo agglomerates, as well as porcelain tiles and mosaics. But that is not all - engage in conversation with highly respected, experienced professionals, and gain valuable knowledge from CPD presentations by the experts at Galrão Group (Portugal), Fila Surface Care Solutions (Italy & UK) and finally ourselves (In Opera Group, UK).



Full program includes:






10:00 - 16:00


Visit our showroom at the Building Centre, conveniently located near Centre Point and West London. This is the perfect opportunity to visit us and meet our team, view our extensive product collection and learn more about recent prestigious projects. A great primer for the CPD presentations in the afternoon. Tea, coffee and biscuits are on the house!








16:00 - 18:00






Paulo Diniz and João Telhado, Galrão Group

In 1955, Eduardo Galrão Jorge founded the Galrão Group and began a long and fruitful process of internationalization – today the group consists of several quarrying, factory and warehousing companies. Their quarries hold a total area of 110.000 m2, an exploration area of 72.000 m2, and a combined extraction capacity of approximately 7000 m3 per year. This immensity is only matched by Galrão’s state-of-the-art granite and marble factories which boast production capacities of 12.000 m2 and 25.000 m2 respectively. Galrão are also Portugal’s pioneers in mosaics and tumblestone production, employing a sophisticated texture-collection system to further perfect their designs. Join Paulo and João, and learn all about Galrão’s history, capacities and continuous investments in the latest stone extraction and processing technologies, such as the revolutionary STORK natural stone system.

The international portfolio of Galrão Group is a testament to their unmatched professionalism and expertise: from five star hotels, libraries and shopping malls, all the way to sport arenas and national assemblies, Galrão’s perfection is set-in-stone all around the world.


Paulo Diniz is a Bachelor in Industrial Management, and holds a degree in Computers Management. He’s been working with natural stone for 18 years, entering the industry in 1998. Since then, he has acquired an almost all-encompassing professional experience in the natural stone and marble industry, having worked in production, design, management, procurement and commercial sectors. Paulo is currently in charge for stone supply to several projects around the world


João Telhado is the acting Interior Designer and Site Supervisor at Galrão Group. His professional expertise earned him the seat of procurement and project survey, as well as measurement and budgeting. João is also responsible for site supervision all around the world, from Macau in China, to Angola and Portugal.



Founded in 1955, Galrão is one of the oldest and most consolidated groups in the stone field all over the world. The Group is nowadays a reference in extraction, processing and trading of stones, either on the national or on the international market. The group goals are excellence, innovation and production capacity, so as to ensure quality and excellence to its products. The combination of all this allows the group to have a leadership position in Portugal and an increased presence over international strategic markets, allowing Galrão to face the future with confidence and optimism. 


Galrao's Corporate video:


Martin Ballard, Technical Sales Manager, Fila Solutions


Learn about Fila's masterful surface treatments of natural stone, marble, granite and other delicate materials.

Correct treatment by Fila ensures that the surface is not damaged, the lifecycle of the material is maximized, and the aesthetics of the stone is kept intact. Familiarize yourselves with the treatment procedures of different types of stone, the cleaning stages of every cleaning product, and how different degrees of hardness and porosity affect this process. The uses of sealing stone, water-based and solvent cleaners will also be covered in depth, but that is not all. From initial cleaning, to the importance of on-going maintenance and lifecycle costs, this CPD by Martin Ballard, a top professional in the field will get you up to speed on the industry’s best solutions to natural stone cleaning and surface treatments.


Martin Ballard has over 19 years of professional experience in the industry. He is currently acting as Technical Sales Manager at Fila Industria Chimica Spa (a family run business with 72 years of success), while before he excelled at promoting ceramics, porcelain tiles and natural stone worldwide (Marshalls PLc). His expertise covers both on-site and off-site support to issues relating to natural stone treatments, installation and maintenance. His life-long professional expertise in the industry has allowed him to provide training solutions as well.


Fila's trademark treatment protects natural stone materials from stains and dirt, makes maintenance easier and lengthens the life of floors and paving. With Fila, your preferred natural stone material can be given a polished or matt finish and laid both indoors and outdoors. Fila is one of the most important companies in the world for surface treatment, valued by major international manufacturers of floors and wall coverings for the building industry.


Fila's Best Projects video: 












Join us for an exchange of valuable industry insights!








We look forward to welcoming you!




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