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Fresh Concrete: New uses of concrete

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Wed 25 May 2022, 1pm - 2pm

This Fresh Concrete event focuses on innovative technology that has the potential to transform the performance and uses for concrete. It includes new concrete being trialled in roads to wirelessly recharge electric vehicles in motion, and self-healing concrete that uses a bacteria-based admixture to enhance water tightness, reduce maintenance and increase the life span of concrete structures.


Speaker 1 – Recharging electric vehicles using concrete

Mauricio Esguerra , Co-Founder & CEO, Magment  

Magment have developed an innovative form of concrete with the ability to recharge electric vehicles as they move across it. Engineered using magnetic particles, from recycled electronic waste, this magnetizable concrete technology is currently being trialled in roads and warehouses to provide dynamic, wireless charging, concrete infrastructure.

In this presentation Mauricio explains the technology and its benefits, as well as its potential applications for sustainable transportation and manufacture and an update on current pilot projects and business models such as Charging as a Service. 



Speaker 2 – Low carbon, self-healing concrete

Vighnesh Daas, Director, JP Concrete

Sensicrete is a low-carbon, self-healing concrete that utilises bacteria embedded in the mix to produce limestone to seal cracks. The technology is designed for use in concrete structures that come into contact with moisture and water, extending their service life and further reducing maintenance requirements. More effective crack control and watertightness also offers potential to reduce steel reinforcement and additional membranes.

In this presentation Vighnesh explains how self-healing concrete works, its use in projects by BAM in the Netherlands and more recent UK developments including precast, nature-enhancing, marine structures.




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