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Bats, Bombs & Bones

Partner event
Thu 21 Mar 2024, 7.45-10.15am

More and more Planning Approvals come with a Conditions attached to provide a some form of "Watching Brief" to safeguard sites to the presence of archaeological remains, unexploded ordinance or habitats of ecological value such as places where bats may roost.

Making due allowance for these potential risks can be difficult to assess and some clients become frustrated if additional funding needs to be approved because of the outcome of an initial assessment necessitates further investigations. The impact on programme if they are not co-ordinated with other activities or dealt with in a timely manner or co-ordinated can be extreme. 

Come and join the ACN as their panel of experts discuss:

  • Defining "Watching Brief".
  • How desktop assessments are carried out to identify risks
  • How are potential risks evaluated
  • What mitigation measures can be taken
  • What happens if you find something


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