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Vulcan Shingles

Abodo Wood

Delivering all the charm of yesteryear, updated for ease of use in modern applications, Abodo Vulcan Shingles are a durable, high-end architectural finish for roofs, walls and gable ends.

The durability of the product is furthered by a low-VOC, water-based OPX preservative treatment that guards against mould and insects.

It is also lightweight, making it easy to install and maintain. The beautiful homogenous brown colour will silver off with exposure to weather if left uncoated.

Vulcan Shingles are detailed with a ventilation cavity system for wall and roof applications to extend the durability of the timber by enabling air flow beneath the shingles to reduce moisture build up. This sets them apart from most standard pine and cedar shingles.

Along with the patented vertical grain construction and a fine band sawn face, Vulcan Shingles also deliver enhanced stability and reduced cupping, even when exposed to harsh weather. Add to this the verified carbon negative status of Vulcan timber, which is created from FSC® certified New Zealand Radiata Pine, and these timber shingles are sure to tick many boxes for architects, designers and homeowners.


Fire Rating
Suitable for buildings <10m height or >1m to boundary. For designs outside this, the system is subject to specific fire engineering design
Thermal conductivity (W/mK)
~0.095 W/(mK) (EN12667)
Thermally modified Thermowood 230 degrees Celsius schedule. Field tested at SCION, Rotorua. Suitable for uses described in NZS3602:2003 Table 2A ‘Requirements for wood-based building to achieve a 15 year durability performance. Members exposed to exterior weather conditions and dampness’. Class 2 above ground (AS5604), Durability Class 1 (EN350-1)
Thermally Modified Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata)
Bandsawn face
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