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The VELOPA AX3 Cycle Shelter

AUTOPA Limited

The VELOPA AX3 Cycle Shelter

The AX3 Cycle Shelter is a free-standing bicycle shelter, with a roof sloping from the front to the back. The AX Shelter is a budget shelter which can trace it’s roots back to the 1950’s. This simple, functional shelter is constructed of a tubular steel frame with corrugated roof panels. The Shelter can be extended by the addition of extension bays, the shelter is available with Ragged feet for casting into existing concrete or with Flanged feet, for bolting to an existing suitable concrete surface. Side Cladding Panels, Rear Cladding and Lockable Doors are all available as options to offer greater protection from the elements.

The AX2 Cycle Shelter can accommodate up to 10 bicycles with a Type B Cycle Rack.


  • Free standing, single sided.
  • Frame is made of mild steel tube.
  • Roof options include galvanised (standard), galvanised and colour coated or PVC profiled sheet.
  • Roof purlins, supports and connections of heavy duty steel.
  • 4 Sheffield Cycle Stands can fit per bay or one Type ‘B’ Rack for 10 bikes.
  • Available ragged for casting in or flanged for bolting down.
  • The AX3 shelter roof slopes from front to back.
  • All racks are sold separately.


  • 2404mm height at front
  • 2210mm height at rear
  • 3355m length centres
  • 2438mm roof depth
  • Uprights of steel tube diameter 48mm x 3.2mm thick.
  • Extension bay are an additional 3355mm in length


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