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Tega - Inward-opening riser doorsets


Tega is a completely concealed inward opening riser door system. The perfect solution for when physical restrictions within the room, for example in corridors or when furniture prevents an outward-opening doorset from being used.

Tega is supplied as an integral, four-sided frame and door system, pre-constructed to form a single robust unit. It is pre-made to your requirements so on-site work is minimal.

Up to 2 hour fire rating

Fire safety is a prime concern for us all, it’s something we work hard to integrate within all our products. We’re pleased to offer Tega with an FD120 fire certification on both single and double door configurations as well as smoke seals, as standard.

Concealed or visible frame?

Tega has a single-piece metal section frame with a perforated bead and stop, which can be plastered up to or tape-and-jointed to create a perfectly seamless finish for superior aesthetics. If you wish to install the doorset after the tape and jointing/plastering the visible frame option is surface mounted on top of the wall.

Concealed quick release pivot hinge

A fully pre-hung doorset with all the ironmongery fitted, which allows for the AOV’s swift and simple installation. Door leafs are hung on a unique pivot system, providing a very simple operation for door hanging or removal.



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