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Sotech Optima XPC Extruded Secret Fix Plank Rainscreen System

Sotech Ltd

A complete secretly fixed extruded aluminium plank rainscreen systems has set flat face modules of 150mm, 200mm, 225mm, and 250mm as well as a 150mm module castellated extruded aluminium plank rainscreen.As the longitudinal joint is not ventilated this product can be used as a weathered screen introducing ventilation at the base of a wall and at the top or some ventilation can be introduced at the cross plank joints by leaving a gap with the support structure behind creating a baffle.

Benefits of Aluminium Extrusion:

The XPC is secretly fixed onto an extruded aluminium support framework horizontally, vertically or diagonally. All planks can interlock with each other.
Optima XPC lends itself to use in all areas - including low-level vulnerable areas through superior deflection and impact resistance.
All commercial finishes may be incorporated on one elevation to create an almost limitless effect of colours and shapes.
Due to the inherent strength of an aluminium extrusion, this product only needs to be 15mm thick, which makes it ideal for refurbishments where space is limited due to adjacent boundary restrictions.
The aluminium planks are connected by a simple interlocking male/female joint, which offers either a recessed or hairline appearance.
Components meet the requirements of Class 0 fire performance in accordance with building regulations and is fully independently tested and accredited to CWCT standards.

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