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OSO Super Coil

OSO Hotwater (UK) Ltd

The Super Coil is the indirect version within the Super Series range and has a unique, integrated expansion solution factory fitted. All pipes & connections are also hidden under an insulated top lid.

Factory fitted components drastically reduces fitting time, making the Super Series virtually a pre-plumbed unit. Laser welded Duplex Stainless Steel makes the Super Series extremely lightweight & space efficient for easy handling & installation. Low heat loss, secondary return, impressive heat up & recovery times and a 25 year guarantee.

The OSO Super Coil is a quantum leap in unvented cylinder design. The integrated expansion vessels make the cylinder extremely compact in height. Super Coil will fit in a cylinder cupboard 650 mm wide.

All plumbing connections and electrical cables are hidden from view giving the neatest possible installation. Adjustable feet are also integrated. The factory fitted blending valve limits the temperature of the outgoing water to 60°C when drawn off, increasing available hot water compared to others.

All pipes connect to the Super Coil from the rear. The installer fits the pipes to the back wall together according to a supplied template and finally slides the cylinder into place to marry the valve connections with the pre-cut pipe tails.

Super Coil can be converted to a pre-plumbed unit including full S-plan heating system with the connection to the OSO SuperJig


Stainless Steel
25 years subject to conditions


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