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IG Brick Slip Lintel

IG Lintels

Used over windows and door openings, Brick Slip Lintels eliminate the need for additional masonry supports and save time on installation and the need for specialist trades.

IG’s Brick Slip Lintels provide a unique solution for designers and engineers. IG’s prefabricated units are manufactured off-site and delivered complete with unpointed bricks bonded to them offering a major reduction in on-site labour. Brick Slip Lintels are installed in the same way as a standard lintel with no fixings required.

IG receive a consignment of the brick being used onsite to ensure that the finished lintel blends seamlessly with on-site brickwork.

The patented design of the perforated steelwork allows the adhesive to pass through and form a mushroom on the inside of the steel creating a physical key. Our patented Brick Slip System has undergone independent testing by Ceram.


Special features
Manufactured bespoke to your requirements, Simply installed as a standard lintel, Blends seamlessly with already constructed brickwork, Prefabricated for major reduction in on-site labour requirement, Cost saving
IG's Brick Slip Lintels can accommodate any variation in soffit and face depth. Our design team can offer solutions for any bond pattern required.
Supports loads over small scale openings – contact our technical team for design requirements
Stainless Steel Grade 304/ (European grade 1.4307 & 1.4301) or Galvanised powdercoated Steel, BBA approved adhesive & 25mm brick slip
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