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Glass Manifestation by The Window Film Company

The Window Film Company Ltd.

Glass Manifestation is required by law, and an application of manifestation from The Window Film Company is a cost-effective and efficient way of turning something necessary into something stylish and desirable.

The legislation is in place to, simply put, stop people from walking into your glass. By placing markings at strategic points on the glazing, it makes the glass clearly visible and prevents accidents. Glass manifestation should be applied to what the building regulations refer to as critical locations; between 850mm and 1000mm, and between 1400mm and 1600mm above the floor. The material used on the glass must provide a contrast between the glass and the background.

The location of manifestation is clearly defined to make it as an effective a solution as possible, and whilst it must provide a certain level of contrast, the appearance of the applied manifestation is largely down to the customer.

Manifestation is traditionally created using a frosted film, the appearance of the film providing the glass with an acid-etched finish. Designs can feature simple patterns such as dots or squares, or can also take the form of strips or bands. The Window Film Company offers a range of these standard designs, which can be viewed online here.

Whilst manifestation is required by law, it also provides an opportunity to add an extra creative dimension to glazing. It can take the form of company logos or other bespoke patterns, with The Window Film Company able to recreate artwork in full colour on a range of films; a manifestation solution tailored to exact specifications.

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