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EL495FL - High security motor lock case with mechanical exit feature

Abloy UK


- Self-awareness

The lock case analyses its ability to perform electric egress in an alarm situation through diagnoses of the condition of its capacitors.

When the lock come to the end of its lifecycle, it gives an audible warning allowing the lock to be replaced before it fails. This feature will allow the smoother running of facilities management and peace of mind knowing that the lock is operating to specification.

In normal operation the inside handle does not operate the lock, access control is required on both sides of the door to allow entrance or exit. The inside handle is electrically controlled allowing the handle to be operational when required, on activation of a fire alarm or other input the handle will not allow egress. The latch remains locked and the door secure.


- Internal and external doors for offices, commercial premises, hospitals and schools

- Escape doors

  - Doors with door automation

  - Escape handle functions at all times (Compliant to BS EN 179)


When fitted with a pull outside and inside handle: Door can be opened by pushing or pulling when the lock is operated by the access control system. Inside handle allows free egress. 

EN179 certified

The inside lock always opens the door to commercial escape standard BS EN179

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