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Duplexvent Flexi is designed for the energy efficient, comfort ventilation of schools, restaurants, sports halls, shops and offices as the unit has a powerful air delivery with low energy consumption and exceptionally high thermal efficiency. With a range of control options including Internet and BMS compatibility for "On Demand" ventilation the unit also incorporates an automatic, 100% summer by-pass to isolate the heat recovery function during the hotter months.

Unique to Duplexvent Flexi Range is the ability to position the unit on the floor or in a ceiling suspended configuration. This versatile design also allows the unit to be installed as either a left or right hand version. This provides exceptional flexibility for designers in the specification phase and gives contractors the opportunity to locate the unit in the optimum position.

Significant advantages for specifiers to consider as part of a buildings BREEAM assessment and also for larger Passive House developments. Similarly HVAC distributors benefit from a range of "off the shelf" air handling units which can be quickly adapted to fit on-site. No more bespoke orders with long lead times!

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is an important component in creating a healthier living and working environment while contributing to the overall reduction of a building’s carbon emissions whilst increasing energy savings through the reduction of heating costs.

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