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Dried Sand, Moist sand & Soil Blends

Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

ur Garside Sands range of natural silica sands have the following specialist characteristics:

  • A high silica content, typically above 90%, making the sand hard-wearing with low attrition rates
  • A 'sub-angular to rounded' grain shape
  • A naturally occurring colour range - from white through to yellow and brown

We produce a range of graded sands and associated products to meet the specific needs of a range of specialist sectors.

Our range of dried sands, moist sands and sand/soil blends are specially tailored and developed to meet the highest standards of sports, leisure and horticultural projects on any scale and include:

  • ProPitch Sands and Rootzones - for the ultimate playing surface
  • ProGolf Sands and Rootzones - for the finest golf applications
  • ProBunker Sands - a specialist bunker material
  • ProArena Sands - a premium equestrian riding surface
  • Pro and Eco Mixes - a range of tailored sand/soil blends

Synthetic sports pitches

Major sports pitch contractors use our dried silica sports sands in the construction and maintenance of both traditional and 3G synthetic pitches for many sports.

Our 2EW sand is widely used and accepted as a one of the premium carpet dressing and infill sand and has been used on many artificial pitches including Sheffield Wednesday's training facility. The range of packaging and delivery or collection options means we can fulfill any size order, anywhere in the country. 
Coloured sand is also available for synthetic sports turf where additional aesthetical benefits are important. We produce a 'grass-green' coloured sand for sports pitches and terracotta coloured sand for tennis courts, with other colours available. 

Synthetic tennis courts

Our dried graded sand, both natural and coloured, is used extensively on synthetic tennis courts to aid carpet stability and drainage.We can also produce a terracotta coloured sand which is used as an infill on synthetic tennis courts, providing the play characteristics of a natural clay court, without the costly maintenance.

Artificial lawns

Dried sands are also available for domestic and commercial artificial lawns.

Natural sports turf projects

Our moist sands are widely used in the sports turf maintenance market for top dressing and as drainage media. We also produce a range of sand/soil mix Rootzones, which support BRTMA’s guidelines, of which we are a member.

View BRTMA's guidelines for the supply and purchase of Rootzones.

Golf courses

We offer silica sand and associated products for the construction and maintenance of golf courses, greens and tees including drainage media, top dressing and divot mixes. Bunker sands are also available.

Greyhound tracks and equestrian arenas

We work closely with greyhound racing and equestrian industries to understand their specific requirements and produce optimum products.

Please contact us for samples and to discuss your requirements.

Jumping pits, play pits and play areas

Widely used by local authorities, private clubs and specialist contractors, Our Garside Sands range includes naturally white moist sand that is certified to BS EN 1177:1988 Impact Absorbing Playground Surfacing.

Beach volley ball courts and beach scenes

Our white sands are a popular choice for the construction of beach volley ball courts and beach scenes for both permanent and temporary projects, indoors and out.

Horticulture and landscaping

We produce a range of silica sands and grits that are used extensively in horticulture from potting grit to specialist seed testing.

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