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KNAUF Design CREANOVApanel coated gypsum fibre boards are robust, flexible, high quality and offer almost unlimited options for ambitious designers.

CREANOVApanels for individual usage are available in four different types of coating:

  • clear or coloured finish
  • HPL coating in a specified thickness
  • real-wood veneer
  • digital prints

The CREANOVApanel carrier board meets the highest demands. They are non-combustible (building material class A1), ecologically tested, acoustically effective, configurable, and have a density of 1,100 kg/m³ or 1,500 kg/m³. These extremely robust boards are 12 to 25 mm thick and are characterised by minimal swelling and shrinkage under variable climatic conditions and by good structural cohesion when exposed to fire.

A whole range of finishing options

They can be coated with clear or coloured finish, real wood veneer, HPL or finished with digital printing.

The calibrated and formatted CREANOVApanels are processed further according to your requirements. Untreated board is polished or filled, and the edges are supplied mitred, coated or rough-sawn. Unusual tactile and aesthetic effects can be achieved through different surface working processes, such as drilling, slotting or bevelling.

CREANOVApanels can be combined easily with other components and are simple to mount. On request we can offer project-specific production and optimised acoustic effectiveness.

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