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Ancon Thermal Breaks

Leviat Limited

In addition to offering high strength and corrosion resistance as standard, a range of products are available to improve the energy efficiency of a building. 

Thermal Breaks at Balcony Locations

Ancon Balcony Connectors provide a thermal break between an external balcony and an internal structural frame, where the fixings pass through the building envelope. The range includes solutions for concrete-to-concrete, steel-to-steel and steel-to-concrete applications. They are suitable for various floor depths and cavity widths. Bespoke configurations can be designed for individual project requirements.

Thermal Breaks at Masonry Fixings

Ancon Insulating Shims provide a thermal break between stainless steel masonry fixings and the structural frame. These shims combine low thermal conductivity (0.3 W/mK) with high compressive strength. They are ideal for use on exemplary projects with the highest energy efficiency performance requirements.

Low Thermal Conductivity Cavity Wall Ties

These wall ties minimise heat transfer across an insulated cavity, improving the energy performance of a masonry wall. They are manufactured in a variety of lengths to suit cavities from 50mm to 450mm. In addition to stainless steel wire products, the low thermal conductivity range includes TeploTie which is manufactured from basalt fibres. 

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