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Adroit helps you reduce your environmental impact by recovering
up to 93% of the heat from the extracted air via a highly efficient
conduction process. Energy rich extract air is passed over heat
exchanger plates, which in turn warms the incoming supply
air. The air streams remain separate during the heat recovery
process so as to avoid any cross-contamination between the
stale extract air and the clean incoming air. By recovering the
warmth from the extracted waste air that would otherwise have
been lost, you are able to reduce your household energy bills
and minimise your carbon footprint. Protecting the environment
doesn’t come at the expense of performance, with Adroit able to
ventilate up to 258 l/sec (DV245) air flow rate while being barely
noticeable in operation at an extremely quiet 35dB(A) at the daily
running rate (DV96).
Through recovering and reusing the heat from the extracted air,
that otherwise would have been wasted, to warm the incoming
air, heat recovery systems enable you to save energy by reducing
the amount of time your conventional heating system is warming
your home.
Adroit not only met the current 2016 ErP Eco Design Directive
energy efficiency legislation but also complies with the much
more stringent 2018 ErP requirements for reduced energy usage

Adroit goes further by achieving the internationally recognised
Passive House certification, based on;
• Outstanding thermal performance
• Effective heat recovery
• Efficient power consumption
• Air tightness of the casing
• Balancing adjustability
• Sound insulation
• Provision of superior air quality
• Frost protection
As a Passive House certified component, Adroit contributes to
the design and development of an effective ventilation system in
a highly energy efficient home.
Adroit is powered by the latest technology. Gone are the
uneconomic AC motors and expensive DC motors. In are
highly efficient Electronically Commutated motors. These speed
controlled EC motors mean you do not use more energy than you
need. Operating only “On Demand” they maintain their efficiency,
what ever the application.


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