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UPVC hoarding – reusable and reliable

25 Jan 2021

Many businesses are turning to UPVC hoarding to protect their building sites as an environmentally friendly alternative to timber.

Traditionally, timber hoarding was used once and disposed of. Modern companies are conscious of the problems of our throw-away society so are more keen than ever to reduce their carbon footprint. This is where UPVC hoarding comes in. Unlike timber, it can be reused, which reduces the impact on the environment as fewer trees need to be cut down. It is also made from recycled materials.

Secure your site

Site hoarding is a temporary structure used to keep a construction site safe and prevent unauthorised access. It is a vital part of the health and safety regime of a building site for workers, visitors and the general public.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations require the prevention of access by unauthorised persons to construction sites and state:

“Where necessary in the interests of health and safety, a construction site must, so far as is reasonably practicable, and in accordance with the level of risk posed, comply with either or both of the following; have its perimeter identified by suitable signs and be arranged so that its extent is readily identifiable; or be fenced off.”

This means construction sites must use suitable fencing to create physically defined boundaries, which is why hoarding is essential.

Hoarding can be temporary or long-term. It can be free-standing or dug into the ground but must be structurally stable to withstand bad weather.

It can be modular or bespoke, and made with various materials including timber, plywood, steel or UPVC. 

Protect and promote

One of the main benefits of building site hoarding is that it provides security to help prevent theft and financial loss. Protecting your site minimises the opportunity for trespassers to access the area.

Hoarding can also help to make sites more aesthetically pleasing for nearby residents or workers. It can minimise noise and improve privacy, both for the public and for those working on the site.

Not only does hoarding protect your building work, it protects the public as well. Creating a barrier around safety hazards on a site prevents serious injury. These could be caused by slips and trips, falling objects, site vehicles and more.

A popular trend in hoarding is as a way to increase brand recognition. Hoarding can be used to advertise your company, the contractor or developer, or to show a visual representation of the finished product for the general public to see. It’s a great way to let the public know about the benefits of what is being built and improvements to infrastructure in their area.

With the right design on your hoarding, you can stir up public interest in your project and create a buzz.

Another key factor is that hoarding protects the privacy of your project. You can keep it hidden if you don’t want the public to see before the finished product is revealed. The site hoarding works as a visible barrier, shielding the work in progress. You can reveal the finished project at the right time and ensure people see your product your way.

Site hoarding can also protect drivers. A busy building site can catch the eye of people driving past and this could cause them to lose focus. Site hoarding provides a clearer view for drivers and is much less distracting.

UPVC site hoarding allows you to reduce protection and advertising costs as it can be reused for future projects. It’s not only a great form of protection, it enables you to advertise your project. UPVC hoarding panels are a cost effective solution because they’re durable and keep advertising and public protection spending low.

They’re also easy to install. Short installation time means money saved. Bulkhead lighting and CCTV attachments are also available.

Plas-Hoard UPVC Hoarding

Plas-Hoard UPVC hoarding is strong and durable and made from 100% recycled material. It is straightforward to install and has many of the benefits of timber hoarding while being kinder to the environment. It’s affordable, easy to relocate, store and reuse.

Adaptable to different terrains, but with no permanent fittings means there is less of a risk of damage to buildings and floors. It’s a versatile choice, with on-ground and in-ground solutions available. You can even select your own corporate colours and branding to make the product unique to your company.

When it’s time to move onto your next project, SafeSite Facilities can help by moving and reinstalling the hoarding. This ensures the hoarding is 100% reused, lengthening its lifespan.

If there’s any damaged panels on your site, SafeSite Facilities will arrange for them to be taken away and fully recycled.

Their nationwide delivery and installation service gives you the flexibility you need to protect your site effectively.